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Our Partners

Metro Relief

Our friends at Metro Relief work hard to make sure no one falls through the cracks of society in The Colony. Whether it’s a warm meal, clothing, referrals to free professional assistance, or just taking the time to talk, Metro Relief is there. Metro Relief also runs Free Shopping Days to provide residents with clothing, especially for work-related needs. Beyond The Colony, Metro Relief visits the downtown DFW area every week, ministering to the hungry and homeless. Visit them at https://metrorelief.org

Ring of Hope

We and our neighbors at Ring of Hope are often asked if we’re associated with each other because we share the word “Hope” in our name and we’re next door to each other. Though that’s just a coincidence, we are happy to work together to spread the Hope we have in Jesus to the community. Ring of Hope provides an excellent way for kids to learn discipline, get exercise, and blow off some steam after school. They also provide a brief Bible Study each night before practice, and offer mentor-coaches to help them train as both athletes and as responsible teens and young adults.

The City of The Colony

In cooperation with The Colony Community Image Department, we often help with the Volunteer Assistance Project, an initiative to help residents repair property damage (at no cost to them) that is in violation of city codes. Sometimes these residents are shut-ins, wounded veterans, or individuals who simply cannot afford the repairs needed to comply with codes.