Partners and Friends

Next Steps

Local needs can take many forms, from short-term crisis management to long-term housing and employment issues. Next Steps is focused on helping people in our community get what they need to get back on their feet. Their office is currently located inside our church building.

The City of The Colony 

Our city has some amazing individuals working hard to improve the quality of life for its residents. We’re happy to work together on various activities and initiatives to accomplish more than any of us could do alone.

Christ Community Church

Several years ago, the people of Christ Community stepped up to help us after there was a fire in our building. They let us use their facility for several weeks while ours was restored from smoke damage. A short time later, they needed a new place to meet and we were able to return the favor. They have been meeting at our place on Saturday evenings ever since.

The Gathering

Last year, some friends formed a new church and they also needed a place to meet. Now their services begin in our Sanctuary every Sunday afternoon with other events taking place during the week. With their participation, Christ Community, and Next Steps, there are now a total of three churches meeting in one building. This was an answer to prayer that we could one day serve as a ministry center for the city. But it didn’t stop there….

Community Groups

We are honored to host other community-focused groups as well. We have people from Al-Anon, CODA, and other non-profit organizations using our building at various times throughout the week — so much so that there’s rarely a dull moment. We believe a building should wear out, not rust out or dust out.

Odyssey in Christ

Spiritual formation is a big deal for us at Hope Community. Our friends at Odyssey in Christ provide training and retreats to foster spiritual formation for all people, but especially with an eye toward leadership and discipling others in the ways of Jesus Christ.

Weekly Schedule:

Adult Discipleship Class:
Sundays @ 10am
Worship Service:
Sundays @ 11am
Midweek Encounter:
1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ 6:30pm*
Theology Discussion Group
Thursdays at 1pm*
International Prayer and Practices Discussion Fridays at 7 am*

*online only


Hope Community Church
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Suite 200
The Colony, TX 75056

Office Phone Number:

(469) 794-0100